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Got questions? Here╩╝s a list of some common questions and answers.

What is TDL Protect?
TDL Protect provides members legal and bail bond services in defense of traffic offenses and driver's license protection in the Texas Gulf Coast region of Harris County. It's a Texas auto club governed by chapter 722 of the Texas Transportation Code.
Am I covered if I have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)?
Yes, CDL holders have the ability to purchase Membership Plan with TDL Protect.
How do I add my family members?
When signing up for a membership you can add family members at a signicant discount.
Am I covered if I am not a valid licensed driver?
Yes, drivers who are without a valid drivers license are covered.
What additional benefits are included with a TDL Protect membership?
Enrollment in TDL Protect includes:
An attorney access line
Multi-Vehicle Coverage
Alcohol and Drug Offenses (Class C only)
Administrative License Revocation Hearings
25% reduction off any attorney fees for offenses occurring in Fort Bend, Galveston, Montgomery, Grimes, Walker, Waller, and Chambers counties for any criminal violations including felonies, misdemeanors, and Classs C. traffic violations.
Are bonds for traffic warrants included with membership?
No, outstanding traffic warrants are not covered and specifically excluded from membership. If you are arrested for a traffic offense, you have access to the emergency bail bond line with your membership for discount immediate bail services.
What does TDL Protect cost?
Price is based on the length of membership selected and any additional members added at a discounted rate. View Membership Signup
How soon will my coverage begin?
Your coverage is effective immediately upon signup online or in person.

Glossary of Terms

TDL Protect Auto Membership
Provides services for bail bonds and legal fee reimbursement in the defense of traffic offenses.
Any individual with a paid and non-expired TDL Protect Membership.
Designated Attorney
The Attorney assigned to handle tickets for Members.
Plan Membership
Is designed to provide an attorney to represent one (1) person on any class C misdemeanor traffic ticket.
Additional Members
Membership designed to provide an attorney to represent all persons included in a membership on any class C misdemeanor traffic ticket. All Family members must reside in the same household.
Group Membership
Membership designed to provide an attorney for large groups and organizations. Group memberships are eligible for signifigant savings and special terms.

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